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Classical Music Today

How the Jugendsinfonieorchester Aargau deal with the so called old classical music.
When young musicians come together to play classical music, they send out a strong signal to our today’s world. The film follows talented young Swiss musicians as they work, search for inspiration and focus, but also observe their doubts about their future in the music world. Filmed in Boswil (Switzerland) in the summer 2020, there musical program featured an Anton Dvorak symphony and works by Finnish composer Iiro Rantala, who joined the orchestra to perform his piano concerto “The Best of Beethoven”, a sort of humorous arrangement of the iconic German composer’s “Best Of” works. To initiate the editing of the film, the JSAG orchestra, his conductor Hugo Bollschweiler & artistic co director Stefanie Braun, launched a Crowd-founding to help the filmmaker to complete the film in 2025 for the orchestra’s 20th anniversary.